Corporate Governance
Nasdaq Rule 5605(f) Diversity Explanation:
As a Nasdaq listed company, Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited ("APWC") is subject to Nasdaq's Listing Rules 5605(f) and 5606 regarding Board of Director diversity representation and disclosure, which require APWC to have by December 31, 2023, or explain why it does not have, at least one director who is "Diverse", as such term is defined in Rule 5605(f)(2)(B)(i)(a).

As of the date of this disclosure, APWC does not meet the diversity objectives of Rule 5605(f) and does not expect to meet them by December 31, 2023. APWC is committed to evaluating suitable diversity candidates, who possess the requisite knowledge, skills, communication and experience to perform the duties of an APWC director.

Board Diversity Matrix
Country of Principal Executive Offices: Taiwan
Foreign Private Issuer Yes
Disclosure Prohibited under Home Country Law No
As of December 31, 2023 As of December 31, 2022
Total Number of Directors 7 8
Part I: Gender Identity Female Male Non-Binary Did Not Disclose Gender Female Male Non-Binary Did Not Disclose Gender
Directors 7 8
Part II: Demographic Background
Underrepresented Individual in Home Country Jurisdiction
Did Not Disclose Demographic Background 7 8