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Introduction of Fiber Optics Cables

Fiber Optics Cables

The fiber optics cable mainly applied to the transmission system of optical communication. The range of application is extensive. The network of optical fiber which mainly utilized is as follows:
  • Telecommunication fixed network line, Mobile Telecommunication network
  • CATV network
  • Power system line control
  • Road/Railroad/Mass Rapid Transit communication control
  • Optical local area network
The construction of fiber optics cable is designed by considering the protection type of optical fiber, the installation type of fiber optics cable, the application environment and the particular usage.
  • According to protection type of optical fiber:Loose tube type, Slotted type and Tight buffer type
  • According to the installation type of fiber optics cable:Duct, Self-supporting and Direct-buried type.
  • According to the application environment:Outdoor fiber optics cable, Indoor fiber optics cable and non-metal fiber optics cable which applied to the high voltage place.
  • According to particular usage:Anti-rat, Anti-ant and the low smoke free halogen flame retardant fiber optics cable which applied to the public building & the tunnel and so on.