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Special Enamelled Wire

Self-Lubricating Enamelled Wire

Responding to the significant improvement of winding process technology in recent years, resulting the customers’ special requirement for the enameled wire film quality and the high-speed winding; also develops the better lubrication quality for the enamelled wire coating.

Self-lubricating enamelled wire structuring with some special self-lubrication material overcoat upon the outer layer of its film, it makes the wire a lower friction coefficient and better scrape-resistance; not only solving the high-speed winding problem, but also obtaining a better quality of the coils.

Product Name Product code Thermal class Size
Polyester Overcoat Polyamide Self-Lubricating Enamelled Wire SFNPL☆ 180℃ φ0.10 ~ 2.20mm
Polyester overcoat polyamide Self-Lubricating Enamelled Wire SS-Fu☆ 200℃ φ0.10 ~ 5.00mm
Polyamide-imide Self-Lubricating Enamelled Wire AIPL 220℃ φ0.10 ~ 2.20mm
Polyimide Self-Lubricating Enamelled Wire MLPL 240℃ φ0.40 ~ 2.60mm
Polyester (imide) overcoat polyamide-imide Self-Lubricating Enamelled Wire PALWu ☆ 200℃ φ0.50 ~ 1.40mm
Remarks:☆ is certificated by UL (UL File No. E84081)

Introduction of Features

  • Being suitable for high speed coil-winding machine, thanks for its low friction coefficient and better scrape-resistance against the rubbing.
  • Excellent coil-insertion performance with higher space factor, improving the motor efficiency.
  • Excellent coil-taping performance, saving the manufacturing process time.

Comparison of relevant Characteristic

Item Product code
Friction coefficient 0.13~0.16 0.10~0.13 <0.08
Refrigerant resistance
Winding scrap
Coil productivity 80 100☆ 120
Space factor 100 100☆ 110
☆ Calculation is based on the AIEIW-200(100) wire ◎ Excellent ○ Good △ Inferior


The PALW enamelled wire is specially suitable for the R-22, as well as for the environmental refrigerants like the R-134a, R-407c, R-410a, with general production range of φ0.50-1.40mm; used for the compressor in air-conditioner, refrigerator, dehumidifier and other house-application devices etc.