Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp Ltd.



  • The cable used in car reverse parking sensor system, it was connected between the host and CCD camera.
  • Connected equipment including video and distance measuring sensor.


Vehicle Cables

1Signal wire-(Annealed copper conductor+Crosslink FR polyolefin insulated+Filler+ Foil Shielding)
2Power wire-(Annealed copper conductor+Crosslink FR polyolefin insulated)
3Filler-Flame retardant yarn
4Drain wire-Annealed copper wire
5Shielding-Aluminum-polyester foil
6Sheath- Crosslink flame retardant polyolefin.


  • Impedance:85Ω±10%.
  • Cable with flame, oil, abrasion and low temperature resistance complies with SAE J1128 general purpose specification.


37/0.114×1P+37/0.114×3C,data sheet as following:


Construction Thickness(mm) Diameter(mm)
Signal wire Annealed copper stranded wire --- 0.80
Crosslink FR PE insulation 0.36 1.51
Twisting --- 3.2
Wrapping V ---
Annealed copper stranded wire 0.038 3.4
Power cable Annealed copper stranded wire --- 0.8
Crosslink FR PE insulation 0.203 1.21
Stranding Annealed copper stranded wire --- (0.8)
Wrapping V ---
Annealed copper stranded wire 0.038 4.7
Sheath 0.65 6.0

Electrical properties(at 20℃)

Item Unit Spec.
Conductor resistance (Ω/km) nom. 48.15
Mutual capacitance (nF/km) max. 78.0
Dielectric strength (ACV/1分) 1000
Impedance @10MHz (Ω) 85±10%

Physical properties(Insulation/Sheath)

Item Unit Spec.
Tensile strength(Signal wire) PSI >600
Tensile strength(Power wire & sheath) PSI >1500
Elongation at break % >100
Retention of tensile strength(155℃/168hrs) % >80
Retention of elongation(155℃/168hrs) % >50
Cold bend(-40℃/3hr,25mmΦ)   No crack
Flame retardant test   The test sample shall not continue to burn for more than 70 seconds and insulation shall remain unburned 50mm above from the top of test sample.
Abrasion resistance No. min. 250
Pinch resistance kg min. 2.7
Fluid compatibility-Engine oil   50℃/20hr, max.15%, 1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Gasoline   23℃/20hr ,max.15% ,1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Ethanol   23℃/20hr ,max.15% ,1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Diesel fuel   23℃/20hr ,max.15% ,1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Power steering   50℃/20hr ,max.30% ,1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Auto trans   50℃/20hr, max.25% ,1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Engine coolant   50℃/20hr, max.15%, 1kV/1min,No crack.
Fluid compatibility-Battery acid   23℃/20hr ,max.5% ,1kV/1min,No crack.