Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp Ltd.

Introduction of enamelled wire
  • Our enamelled wire (magnet wire), one high purity and conductivity metal conductor (copper, aluminum or alloy) coated with one or more layers of well-cured insulation films, uses in many different electrical and electronic products.

  • The main application of the enamelled wire is the coils for the industries covering the electronic components, electrical motors, heavy-duty electrical products (transformers, generators), home appliances (air-conditioner, refrigerator), motorcycles, vehicles and 3C markets (computers, mobile phones…etc).

  • Pacific Electric Wire & Cable has produced the enamelled wire since 1955, with the technical cooperation with the world famous wire manufacturers such as the Sumitomo (Japan), the Phelps Dodge (USA); providing the stable and highly reliable products for the market with thanks for the long-term accumulation of our design & manufacture experience as well as our nonstop R&D efforts. Along with the electronic products increasing demands for the sophisticated, high efficiency, reliability and special requirement, we always successfully develop and supply our state-of-the-art wires to meet the market needs and win the customers trust.

  • In response to the global environmental regulations and customer requirements, our company dedicates ourselves to preventing the pollutions and reducing the environmental impacts; our enamelled wires are fully compliant with the RoHS instructions and the “GREEN” products.