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Special Enamelled Wire

Aluminum Enamelled Wire( Aluminum Enamelled Wire)

Although copper being the major conductor for today’s enamelled wire market, while users demanding some special requirements of function (such as: lower production-cost, lighter product-weight and the lower temperature-rising during motor operation, etc.), needing different conductor materials; like aluminum, to satisfy the various utilities in the electronic or electrical industries.

In response to the change in market demand, the Aluminum (AL) and Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) and other special conductors become the new alternative materials for the enamelled wire.

Product Name Product code Thermal class Size
Polyvinyl formal Aluminum Enamelled Wire PVF 105℃ φ0.50~4.20mm
Polyurethane Aluminum Enamelled Wire DD(AL)☆ 155℃ φ0.16-2.45mm
Polyester Aluminum Enamelled Wire SS(AL)☆ 130℃ φ0.16-4.20mm
Polyester-imide Aluminum Enamelled Wire PEWH 180℃ φ0.40-4.20mm
Modified H class polyester overcoat polyamide-imide Aluminum Enamelled Wire AIEIW-200☆ 220℃ φ0.40-4.20mm
Modified H class polyester overcoat polyamide-imide Aluminum Enamelled Wire AIEIW-300 220℃ φ0.40-4.20mm
PALW☆ 220℃ φ0.50-1.40mm
Remarks:☆ is certificated by UL (UL File No. E84081)

Introduction of Features

Item Conductor
Copper Special Conductor
(Cu) Aluminum Cu Clad Aluminum  (CCA15)
Purity (%) 99.9 99.7 Ratio of cross-section area
Cu/Al = 15/85
Resistance coefficient (μΩ-cm) 1.724 2.826 2.6765
Conductivity(%) 100 61 63
Specific Gravity 8.89 2.7 3.63
Tensile strength (kg/ mm²) 20~27 8~11 11~14
Coefficient of thermal expansion (°C-1) 17×10-6 23×10-6 22×10-6
Cross-sectional figure


Product code Application
PVF Oil-immersed transformer, large transformer
DD(AL)☆ General motor, degaussing coil, transformer coil for power supply
SS(AL)☆ General motor and transformer
PEWH☆ Power tool, high-thermal motor, cast-resin transformers
PALW☆ Compressor for house appliance as air-conditioner, refrigerator and dehumidifier etc.