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FTTH Dro Fiber Optics Cable


The cable are intended for operation under conditions normally encountered in the last portion of all-optical networks. Designed to run from the Network Access Point (NAP) to the subscriber premises. Available from 1 to 12 fiber counts,LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen),flame retardant and costomizable to any requested specifications.


For Underground Conduit Installation

1Outer sheath
3Water blocking element和Peripheral strength element-Aramid yarn
4Central loose tube
5Colour fibers

For Aerial/Self-supporting Installation

1Self-support wire with oversheath
2Outer sheath
3Water blocking element
5Peripheral strength element-Aramid yarn
6Ripcord & water blocking element
7Peripheral strength element-Aramid yarn
8Central loose tube
9Colour fibers

Features and Benefits

  • Central Loose Tube: thermoplastic material (PBT), containing optical fibers and filled with a suitable water tightness jelly compound.
  • Peripheral Strength Elements: aramid yarns.
  • Longitudinal water tightness : Water blocking element used for eliminates the need for traditional flooding compound and provides efficient and craft-friendly cable preparation.
  • Ripcord:Nylon thread or Aramid yarn for easily stripping of the sheath." vspace="6">
  • Outer Sheath: (Option)
  • Polyethylene sheath

    LSZH polyethylene sheath: Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath for Flame retardant characteristics.


6C~12C, Detail specification as following :


For Underground Conduit Installation
No. of Fibers Unit 2 4 6 8 12
Loose Tube Diameter mm 3.1
Sheath Thickness mm 1.4
Cable Diameter mm 8.0
Cable weight(App.) kg/m 0.05

For Aerial/Self-supporting Installation
No. of Fibers Unit 2 4 6 8 12
Loose Tube Diameter mm 3.1
Sheath Thickness mm 1.4
Self-support dimension NO/mm 7/1.6
Cable Diameter(H×W) mm 20.5×11.5
Cable weight(App.) kg/m 0.21


Temperature Range Minimum Bending Radius
Transportation&Storage: -30~+60℃
Installation: 0~+60℃
Operation: -30~+60℃
Under Maximum Tension : 20×Cable diameter
Without Tension: 10×Cable diameter

Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics:

Test Test Standard Specified Value Acceptance Criteria
Tensile Loading and Bending Test EIA-455-33A Mandrel diameter: 20D (D = cable diameter) for 150m
Tensile load: 273kgf for 10 minutes
(1) Attenuation Increment≦ 0.2 dB
(2) No jacket cracking and fiber breakage
Cyclic Flexing Test TIA/EIA-455-104A Sheave diameter:20D (D=cable diameter) No. of flexing cycles: 25 cycles
Flexing speed: 30 cycles/minute
Flexing angle: 90°/cycle
Repeated Impact Test TIA/EIA-455-25B No. of impact cycles: 20 cycles
Cycle speed:30±1 cycles/min.
Cable Twist Test TIA/EIA-455-85A Cable length twisted: 4m
No. of twist cycles: 10 cycles for 10 min.
Twist angle: ±180°/cycle
Pinch resistance TIA/EIA-455-41A Applied load: 2kgf/mm
Duration of loading: 10 minutes
Load length: more than 100 mm
Compressive speed: 2.54 mm/min.
Water Penetration TIA/EIA-455-82B/ IEC 60794-1-2F5B Length of specimen: 1m
Height of pressure head: 1m Test time: 4 hours
No leakage through the open end of cable
Fire Performance lEEE 383 or JIS C 3521 Ribbon burner The maximum flame extends should less than 1.8m

This section shall be performed at 1550nm wavelength.

Optical Characteristics

4.1 Maximum Attenuation
Wavelength Attenuation(dB/km)
1260nm ≦ 0.45
1310nm ≦ 0.40
1383nm±3nm ≦ 0.35
1550nm ≦ 0.25 (90%)
≦ 0.30 (100%)
1625nm ≦ 0.35

4.2 Chromatic Dispersion
Wavelength Specification (ps/km-nm)
1260nm ≦ 6.21
1310nm ≦ 1.14
1383nm ≦ 7.05
1550nm ≦ 18.21
1625nm ≦ 22.31

4.3 Polarization Mode Dispersion , PMD
Individual Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.2 ps /√km

4.4 Cut-off Wavelength of Cabled:Less than 1260nm.

4.5 Mode Field Diameter
1310nm 9.0~9.4μm±0.4μm
1550nm 10.0~10.7μm±0.7μm


5.1 Fiber Colors
Fiber No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Color Bule Yellow Green Red Violet White Brown Black Aqua Orange Pink Gray

5.2 Loose Tube Colors : White

5.3 Sheath Color: Black

5.4 Sheath Marking
PACIFIC 《year of manufacture》《Cable type and fiber count》《length marking in meter》

Metal or Wooden drums with protection.

Delivery Lengths
Standard delivery length is 2000 meters.