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High Frequency Corona Resistance Enamelled Wire

PWM converter which is developed in recent years is the variable speed drive control system of A.C. motor. Although the speed variation of this converter is the most simple and fast, high speed adjustment of the inverter will create overload voltage (surge)in motor coil which results in the coil partial discharge (corona phenomenon). This phenomenon will destroy the enameled wire insulation coating of coil and shorten the expectancy life of motor coil. To promote the performance of anti-corona Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Company has successfully developed the "High Frequency Corona Resistance Enamelled Wire from sliding" in 2000.

Product Name Product code Thermal class Size
High Frequency corona resistance Enamelled Wire PIVW☆ 220℃ φ0.25 ~ 2.20mm
☆ is certificated by UL (UL File No. E84081)
☆ In 2001, it obtained Taiwan R.O.C. Patent with the File No. 192926.

Introduction of Features

The properties of its corona resistance, for the variable frequency or PWM inverter driver, can significantly improve the life of those motors use normal high thermal insulation magnet wire.
Thanks for its excellent static coefficient of friction, lower than 0.08; its abrasion resistance can significantly enhance the property of the coil winding, wind-ability, as well as the higher coil space factor during any high-speed winding process.

Comparison of relevant Characteristic

Item Product code
Heat Shock 20%,3d,220℃,1/2hr,no crack 20%,3d,220℃,1/2hr,no crack
Static coefficient of friction 0.10~0.13 <0.08
Winding damage ☆
Space factor ☆☆ ☆ 100 110
Corona resistance life test ☆☆☆ 1~2hrs 30~40hrs
1.☆ ◎Good ○Normal
2.☆☆ Calculation basing on the AIEIW-200, AWG#18-Heavy as 100.
3.☆☆☆ The life test referring to the condition as 440VAC, 190℃, 10KHz, Vpk-pk=2400V.


For the inverter-drive motors, Electric Vehicle (EV) motors and wind-power motors.

High Frequency Corona Resistance Enamelled Wire

High Frequency Corona Resistance Enamelled Wire