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Armored Fiber Optics Cable


For long haul networking, building interconnections (Campus LAN), trunk lines, local loop, distribution line or intra-building backbones. Armored loose tube double Jacket/single Armor fiber optic cables are designed to provide high fiber counts with the flexibility and versatility required for most demanding installations, including direct buried. Uses steel tape armoring for maximum crush resistance.


Armored Fiber Optics Cable

1Armored sheath-The armored consists of one layer of Laminated ECCS tape.
2Cable core


  • Constructure of Cable core: (Option)
  • Stranded loose tube cable core:features refer stranded loose tube cable.

    Drop cable core:features refer drop cable.

    Ribbon slotted cable core:features refer ribbon slotted cable.

    Non-metallic stranded loose tube cable core:features refer non-metallic stranded loose tube cable


4C~100C,Detail specification as following :


Constructure of Cable core Stranded loose tube cable Drop cable Slotted Ribbon Type Fiber Optics Cable Non-Metallic Stranded loose tube cable
Inner Sheath thickness (mm) 1.0 0.6 1.0 1.0
LEP Sheath thickness (mm) 2.0 1.8 2.0 2.0


Temperature Range Minimum Bending Radius
Transportation&Storage: -30~+60℃
Installation: 0~+60℃
Operation: -30~+60℃
Under Maximum Tension : 20×Cable diameter
Without Tension: 10×Cable diameter

Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics:

Test Test Standard Specified Value Acceptance Criteria
Tensile Loading and Bending Test EIA-455-33A Mandrel diameter: 20D (D = cable diameter) for 150m length
Tensile load: 273kgf for 10 minutes
(1) Attenuation Increment≦ 0.2 dB
(2) No jacket cracking and fiber breakage
Cyclic Flexing Test TIA/EIA-455-104A Sheave diameter:20D (D=cable diameter) No. of flexing cycles: 25 cycles
Flexing speed: 30 cycles/minute
Flexing angle: 90°/cycle
Repeated Impact Test TIA/EIA-455-25B No. of impact cycles: 20 cycles
Cycle speed:30±1 cycles/min.
Cable Twist Test TIA/EIA-455-85A Cable length twisted: 4m
No. of twist cycles: 10 cycles for 10 min.
Twist angle: ±180°/cycle
Pinch resistance TIA/EIA-455-41A Applied load: 4.54kgf/mm
Duration of loading: 10 minutes
Load length: more than 100 mm Compressive speed: 2.54 mm/min.
Water Penetration TIA/EIA-455-82B/ IEC 60794-1-2F5B Length of specimen: 1m
Height of pressure head: 1m Test time: 4 hours
No leakage through the open end of cable

This section shall be performed at 1550nm wavelength.

Optical Characteristics

4.1 Maximum Attenuation
Wavelength Attenuation(dB/km)
1260nm ≦ 0.45
1310nm ≦ 0.40
1383nm±3nm ≦ 0.35
1550nm ≦ 0.25 (90%)
≦ 0.30 (100%)
1625nm ≦ 0.35

4.2 Chromatic Dispersion
Wavelength Specification (ps/km-nm)
1260nm ≦ 6.21
1310nm ≦ 1.14
1383nm ≦ 7.05
1550nm ≦ 18.21
1625nm ≦ 22.31

4.3 Polarization Mode Dispersion , PMD
Individual Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.2 ps /√km
Linked Polarization Mode Dispersion,PMDQ
20 Cables(M=20)
0.01% Probability level(Q=0.01%)
0.1ps /√km

4.4 Cut-off Wavelength of Cabled:Less than 1260nm.

4.5 Mode Field Diameter
1310nm 9.0~9.4μm±0.4μm
1550nm 10.0~10.7μm±0.7μm


5.2 Outer sheath colors:Black

5.4 Sheath Marking
PACIFIC 《year of manufacture》《Cable type and fiber count》《length marking in meter》

Metal or Wooden drums with protection.

Delivery Lengths
Standard delivery length is 2000 meters.