Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp Ltd.

Enameled Wire for Air Com


Product Name Product code Thermal class Size
Polyester (imide) overcoat polyamide-imide Enamelled Wire AIEIW-200☆
200℃ φ0.10-5.00mm
Modified polyester overcoat polyamide-imide Enamelled Wire PALWu ☆ 200℃ φ0.50-1.40mm
Polyester (imide) overcoat Polyamide-imide Modified Self-Lubricating Resistance to Refrigerant Enamelled Wire PALW ☆
Polyester (imide) overcoat with polyamide-imide and self-bonding overcoat, self-lubricating Enamelled Wire PALW-SB 180℃
Remarks:☆ is certificated by UL (UL File No. E84081)