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Indoor Fiber Optics Cable (BD Type)


Applied to in-building backbone. PEWC indoor distribution bundle type optical cables offer maximum 96 fibers count with single or multi cable subunit of 900 μm tight-buffered fibers which are color coded for easy identification. Cables provide flame retardant characteristics and flexible thermoplastic jacket provides excellent handling characteristics. Full dielectric construction, no grounding required.


Indoor Fiber Optics Cable (Distribution Bundle type)

1Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) flame retardant PE
26/12 Cable subunits
3Tight-buffered fibers
4FRP rod


  • Available in single mode fiber and multi-mode fiber.
  • CSM: Glass fiber reinforced plastic rod(FRP) with oversheathing could provide efficient tension for cable.
  • 6/12 Cable subunits: Tight buffer fibers、Aromatic yarn and coloured flame retardant PE sheath
  • Stranding: Cable subunits would be stranded around the CSM.
  • Peripheral Strength Element: Aramid yarns is used.
  • Ripcord:Nylon thread or Aramid yarn for easily stripping of the sheath.
  • LSZH PE sheath: Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath with Flame retardant characteristics.


24C、48C、96C,Detail specification as following :


No. of Fibers (C) 24 48 96
Out sheath thickness(mm) 1.0 1.0 1.0
Cable Diameter(mm) 15.8 18.5 24.0
Cable weight(App.)(kg/m) 0.20 0.26 0.48


Temperature Range Minimum Bending Radius
Transportation&Storage: -30~+60℃
Installation: 0~+60℃
Operation: -30~+60℃
Under Maximum Tension : 20×Cable diameter
Without Tension: 10×Cable diameter

Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics:

Test Test Standard Specified Value Acceptance Criteria
Tensile Loading and Bending Test EIA-455-33A Mandrel diameter: 20D (D = cable diameter) for 150m
Tensile load: 135/160kgf for 10 minutes
(1) Attenuation Increment≦ 0.2 dB (Single-mode) Increment≦ 0.3 dB (Multi-mode)
(2) No jacket cracking and fiber breakage
Cyclic Flexing Test TIA/EIA-455-104A Sheave diameter:20D (D=cable diameter) No. of flexing cycles: 25 cycles
Flexing speed: 30 cycles/minute
Flexing angle: 90°/cycle
Repeated Impact Test TIA/EIA-455-25B No. of impact cycles: 20 cycles
Cycle speed:30±1 cycles/min.
Cable Twist Test TIA/EIA-455-85A Cable length twisted: 2m
No. of twist cycles: 10 cycles for 10 min. Twist angle: ±180°/cycle
Pinch resistance TIA/EIA-455-41A Applied load: 1 kgf/mm
Duration of loading: 10 minutes
Load length: more than 100 mm Compressive speed: 2.54 mm/min.
Fire Performance lEEE 383 or JIS C 3521 Ribbon burner The maximum flame extends should less than 1.8m

This section shall be performed at 1550nm wavelength.

Optical Characteristics

4.1 Maximum Attenuation
Wavelength Attenuation(dB/km)
1260nm ≦ 0.45
1310nm ≦ 0.40
1383nm±3nm ≦ 0.35
1550nm ≦ 0.25 (90%)
≦ 0.30 (100%)
1625nm ≦ 0.35

4.2 Chromatic Dispersion
Wavelength Specification (ps/km-nm)
1260nm ≦ 6.21
1310nm ≦ 1.14
1383nm ≦ 7.05
1550nm ≦ 18.21
1625nm ≦ 22.31

4.3 Polarization Mode Dispersion , PMD
Individual Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.2 ps /√km
Linked Polarization Mode Dispersion,PMDQ
20 Cables(M=20)
0.01% Probability level(Q=0.01%)
0.1ps /√km

4.4 Cut-off Wavelength of Cabled:Less than 1260nm.

4.5 Mode Field Diameter
1310nm 9.0~9.4μm±0.4μm
1550nm 10.0~10.7μm±0.7μm


6/12 Cable subunits
5.1.1 Identification of Cable subunit Fiber No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Color Bule Yellow Green Red Violet White Brown Black Aqua Orange Pink Grey
5.1.2 Cable subunit colours: Unit No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Color Bule Yellow Green Red Violet White Brown Black

Outer sheathColor
Single mode: Yellow
62.5μm Multi-mode: Grey
50μm Multi-mode & L50 Multi-mode: Orange

5.4 Sheath Marking
PACIFIC 《year of manufacture》《Cable type and fiber count》《length marking in meter》

Metal or Wooden drums with protection.

Delivery Lengths
Standard delivery length is 2000 meters.